Have you ever been at a bar and wondered if another place has a better crowd, or hotter people, only to arrive at the new venue and realize its worse than the first? “SHOULD I GO” to the rescue. This app is similar to WAZE, allowing customers to rate the current venues atmosphere they are at with various criteria using a simple red light, yellow light or green light scale. The user giving the rating is then rated by new patrons on a custom “credibility scale” allowing users to see how credible the source is. Bars within a certain radius will be allowed to opt in and make offers for free drinks or food if a user wants to switch their venue. Guess no more and enjoy your nights out with SHOULD I GO.


Simple sign up with your Facebook account


Set your preferences for notifications

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View all the bars, clubs, and restaurants in your area

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See real-time ratings of venues in your area

SIG_2c v2

Rate your location and contribute to the Should I Go community

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Call an Uber or get directions to the bar you want

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